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Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen is a professional Dota 2 player, currently on the esteemed OG’s inactive roster. He also streams this battle arena video game on Twitch and creates YouTube content.

Topson was once the most underestimated player in the competitive gaming universe. His transition into one of today’s highest-paid esports players and The International’s two-time champion is awe-inspiring.

Contrary to other prosperous esports players like Stable Ronaldo (check Stable Ronaldo’s bio), Topson’s social medial following is not that huge. His collective devotees on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube are a little less than a million.

But don’t mistake this for lack of talent. This Dota 2 legend stepped into this game’s largest stage for the first time and walked out a champion, a feat that shocked everyone in the esports scene.

He went from playing Dota 2 in his bedroom to sharing moments with the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö!

Eager to know more about Topson? Read this bio to the end.

Topson’s Bio Facts


Real Name Topias Miikka Taavitsainen
Birth Date April 14, 1998
Birthplace Finland
Nickname Topson
Height N/A
Nationality Finnish
Zodiac Sign Aries
Siblings Topson has four sisters and seven brothers
Children Topson has a daughter – Riina Azalea Taatvisainen
Spouse/Parmer Mawar Remy Taavitsainen (wife)
Games Played Dota 2
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media Twitch: Topsonous, Twitter: @TopsonDota, Instagram: Topias Taavitsainen. YouTube: Topson
Awards Topson won theScore esports Awards 2018: Rookie of the Year
Last Updated February 2022

Topson’s Birthplace and Early Life


Topson was born on April 14, 1998. His father owns and runs a construction firm, but his mother’s profession is unknown.

Topson has eleven siblings – four sisters and seven brothers.

More often than not, Topson’s brothers played video games. They motivated him to discover Defence of the Ancients (DotA) when he was only 8. Soon enough, this game grew on him, and he has played it ever since.

Initially, Topson trained to be an electrician. But this player changed his mind and went to culinary school a year later. Still, it wasn’t what he wanted to do for life, so he dropped out to pursue professional Dota play.

Although his parents were skeptical about how he’d earn a living through gaming, they still supported him. His explosive success surprised but impressed his mother.

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How Did Topson Get Started Gaming?

topson player

Topson started playing DotA when he was barely 10. Even so, it wasn’t until his late teen years that he joined the professional gaming scene.

In 2018, OG recruited Topson to be their new mid-laner, three months before The International. He was only 20, with zero experience in any major competitions. Most people didn’t even anticipate any exceptional skills, let alone a win.

But they were in for a huge shock because he finished first at that Dota 2 tournament, winning $2,246,831.60, with the highest deaths per game (7.28) of any gamer in Dota history.

2019 was also a great year for Topson. He spent months playing Dota 2 (see how he compares Dota 2 player Puppey) with his OG team, which led to him winning The International again, for the second time in a row. He pocketed $3,124,036.20, achieving the highest average kills per game.

Today, Topson is known for his different play style that has distinguished him from other middle laners. His Dota skills are still unmatched, and amateur and inexperienced players look up to him.

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Topson’s Videos

How a Nerdy Nobody Became Esports’ Biggest Chad

Check out this YouTube video uploaded by theScore Esports to understand Topson’s journey from an underdog to a Dota god. This video dives into how he joined the competitive gaming circuit, his ‘unusual’ playstyle, and admirable self-confidence that has seen him become the world’s first two-time consecutive TI winner.

Topson Teaching Dota to his Daughter

In this YouTube video, Topson introduces his daughter, Riina Azalea Taatvisainen, to his fans. It’s doubtlessly of the most adorable ones he’s ever uploaded. Yes, he’s made excelling at Dota his life’s work, but he still has time for his loved ones, which shows us that we can have it all.

Topson’s Family

Topson’s wife is Mawar Remy Taavitsainen. In 2020, they welcomed their daughter, Riina Azalea Taatvisainen.

Some of this Dota player’s fans were surprised because this couple had stayed low-key during the entire expectancy period. As Mawar revealed on her Instagram stories, she and Topson planned to keep everything private.

Everyone was thrilled all the same. Most of his enthusiasts and friends sent their congratulatory messages, jokingly referring to him as “Dadson” and “Topdad.”

After Riina’s birth, Topson spent more than six months away from his family because of the Dota calendar. He had to prepare for competitions with his team. His loved ones understood and did everything to provide the best environment for him to perform exceptionally.

But it was all too much for Topson. He didn’t want to miss out on his daughter’s early years, so he took a break after The International 2021.

Today, he still streams this game and interacts with his fans on social media.

Topson’s Net Worth and Career Earnings

topson og

As of this writing, Topson’s net worth is approximately $5 million. Check out his career earnings and income sources.


Topson had made $5,690,417.57 from participating in 32 Dota 2 competitions for the Finish National Team, Team OG, and as an independent player.

OG accounts for 99.94% ($5,686,839.20) of Topson’s total earnings. This gamer has received $1,578.37 from competing in a Dota 2 tournament alone and $2,000.00 from playing for the Finnish National Team. The latter has professional players experienced in many esports, ranging from Dota 2, Hearthstone, and Overwatch to PUBG, Starcraft 2, CS: GO, and Heroes of the Storm.

Topson raked in a whopping $3,146,536.20 (55.30% of his career earnings) when he was 21 years old in 2019. The previous year, he made $2,264,331.60, which has also largely contributed to his net worth today.

It should be noted that the millions of dollars Topson earned in 2018 and 2019 were from winning The International in 2018 and 2019 consecutively.


Topson opened his YouTube channel (Topson) in 2020, and it had garnered 15,050,000 views as of February 2021.

This online video-sharing platform pays per view. Some content creators make between $3 and $5 per thousand views. But a top talent like Topson could be assured of at least $5 for every 1,000 views his gaming videos get. We bet he’s already made a large sum and is set to make more in the future as long as he continues to upload his entertaining content.

Topson’s Retirement and Post Professional

Topson is currently on a break to concentrate on his young family. Even so, he’s still a part of OG. We’re unsure when he’s going back on this team’s active Dota 2 roster, but we’re looking forward to it.

Though Topson is not playing Dota 2 competitively, he still streams this game frequently on Twitch and uploads some of his gaming clips on YouTube.

Topson’s Merch

With Topson’s souring fame, it’s not rare to find brands selling some of his merch. Most Dota 2 fans are ready to pay for it at any time. Below are some of the options you can think about if you’re looking for Topson merchandise right now.

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TopSon King Of Monkey King Of Mid Hoodie


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TopSon King Of Monkey King Of Mid Tote Bag

tote bag

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TopSon King Of Monkey King Of Mid Phone Case

phone case

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TopSon King Of Monkey King Of Mid Mug


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TopSon King Of Monkey King Of Mid Mousepad


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TopSon King Of Monkey King Of Mid Coaster


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Frequently Asked Questions about Topson

Question: Is Topson among the highest-earning Dota players?

Answer: Yes. As of this writing, Topson is Finland’s second highest-earning Dota 2 player, right below Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka, a former OG member and two-time TI champion.

Question: When did Topson join Twitter?

Answer: Topson created his Twitter account in August 2017.

Question: Did Topson make any money from playing video games before he turned 18?

Answer: Yes. Topson received $188.37 from participating in a gaming competition before turning 18.

Question: Where was Topson born?

Answer: Topson was born in Haukipudas, a town in Oulu province, Finland.

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