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In the modern age of gaming and content creation, there are increasingly more and more ways that one can become famous and garner a loyal audience that follows your every move. Whether you create this audience the classic way, via creating hundreds of Youtube videos while screaming into the void, hoping that the algorithm picks you up and blesses your channel, or you can make useful relationships with streamers and creators more popular than you in order to steal some of their hard-earned fans.

Alternatively, creators can become popular through the most recent and sure-fire way of gaining fans for their personal Youtube and Twitch accounts; become so good at one game that you can play it professionally and make a living off tournament winnings alone. Doing this and joining an E-Sports team is probably the most certain way one can guarantee a successful Youtube channel and streaming platform. 

This last and most certain option for success is the path that our subject went down. xQc, the internet phenomenon, rose to fame via his gaming talent in titles such as Overwatch. While he is a fantastic gamer and E-Sports athlete, his real skill is in entertainment. This combination has garnered him many fans, followers, and subscribers, amassing over 11 million followers on Twitch.

With this many fans, I think it is only fitting that we give this massive streamer his day by diving into his life and career for you top fans out there in this xQc bio. So with this in mind, let’s first take a look at some quick facts about xQc:

xQc Quick Bio Facts

  • Real Name: Felix Lengyel 
  • Birthdate: November 12, 1995
  • Birthplace: Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Gamer Tag: xQc, xQcOW
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Siblings: One Brother (Nicolas Lengyel)
  • Children: N/A
  • Games Played: Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Elden Ring
  • Net Worth: $3-5,000,000
  • Social Media: Twitter – @xQc, Instagram – @xqcow1, Youtube – xQcOW, Twitch – xQc.

Early Life


The popular streamer, xQc, and former competitive gamer was born in Laval, Quebec, Canada. Surprisingly, his parents did not foresee his career as a streamer and video game aficionado and didn’t give him a cool gamer tag name at birth. So, instead, they decided to name their child Felix Lengyel. 

As for his early years, we do not know too much about the streamer except that he is close to his parents and one sibling, his brother Nicolas. Outside of this, very little is known about Felix except that his love for video games found him early on, playing many titles all his life. However, it would appear that he would always gravitate towards competitive team games such as League of Legends and, eventually, Overwatch, the game that would springboard him into internet celebrity. 

Early Streaming and Pro Career

As previously mentioned, Felix would develop a love for competitive gaming at an early age, playing these games for hours without a break for food or water. Some would have called this obsession unhealthy and something akin to an addiction. However, for those of us in the know, we can see that this level of dedication is required to become a pro gamer in today’s hyper-saturated market.

While he was certainly gifted and very talented at these games, he was not quite at the competitive level yet when he began streaming in early 2019. Initially, he began his career in games such as League of Legends. His Twitch name and online alias that he is still known as today, xQc, was born around this time, coming from the last letter of his first name, x, and the abbreviation of his home state, QC. I would consider this naming strategy a rather risky one for some of us; however, it seems to have worked out pretty well for Felix, especially when you consider that he rose to fame in a time when you had to have an x in your gamer tag, or you were simply irrelevant. I mean, that’s what my competitive CoD MW2 days taught me anyway.

Image by James Gibson

While he was good at League, it was clear to Felix that he would never make much of a career out of the game. He had jumped into the title too late and could never compete against people who had been playing it for years and years longer than he had. So, when Blizzard released their new game, Overwatch, he decided to give it a go and see if his unique talents lent themselves to this new competitive hero shooter.

As you might imagine, having played thousands of hours of League, Felix’s ability to specialize as one hero and dominate the field of play with said hero really did lend itself well during his first couple of months playing and streaming Overwatch. Unlike most players in those early days, who often gravitate towards the faster and more classically exciting heroes such as Tracer or Reaper, Felix decided to go for the stronger, damaged sponge tank characters. His role as a tank was to help soak up damage and distract the opponents from his team’s more nimble yet weaker damage-dealing heroes. Of course, he would always get many kills along the way. 

Eventually, with many hours of top-level gameplay under his belt and the competitive Overwatch scene seeming to explode overnight, Felix decided it was time he took a run at this whole competitive gaming malarkey. When he first started playing competitively, he would join up with small teams such as DatZit Gaming and other relative unknowns in the space, playing in small, local tournaments to build up some experience and steam. Of course, his talent and drive to get better at the game would see Felix level up fairly quickly, with the Canadian being picked up by the massive E-Sports organization, Denial Esports. 

The Big Leagues

Image by James Gibson

After Denial picked up Felix, everything changed; he was now an official E-sports athlete with all the attention and recognition such a position provides. This boosted his streaming popularity into the stratosphere; however, Felix didn’t care for anything other than progressing as a pro player and winning matches for his team. 

However, it wasn’t until Denial disbanded that Felix would truly become obsessed with Overwatch and his performance. After his team was dissolved, Felix and the other members decided to band together and create their own team. This team was called Yikes and was comprised almost entirely of up-and-coming professional players, lacking any real competitive experience. Eventually, however, the team would garner enough respect and wins to earn entry to the Overwatch Contenders league as part of the Season Zero run.

At this same time, his team would rebrand as Arc 6, and Felix would also get recruited for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup 2017. This hectic period would stress Felix and his professional career, unlike anything he had ever experienced before, pushing him to become more competitive, dedicating more time and brain power to Overwatch than ever before. In an interview around this time, Felix talked about how his obsession and need to get better at Overwatch completely took over his life, becoming more than a job. He reported how his drive completely absorbed him, forcing him to forgo sleep, food, and all socializing. During this time, Felix became rather unhealthy and lost connection to reality by keeping his phone turned off and ignoring family and friends. 

Regardless of how unhealthy or untenable his situation was at the time, by the end of the Overwatch world cup, wherein Felix and his Canadian team would lose in the finals to South Korea, Felix’s efforts seemed to pay off as he was named the tournaments MVP.

Man on the Move

As you might imagine, being named the most valuable player in a global tournament slightly raised the profile of Felix across the world stage, gaining him the attention of many top E-Sports teams around the globe, especially considering that competitive Overwatch was still in its infancy, with many leagues we know today only forming around this time. 

His first major signing occurred in October 2017 when he signed for Dallas Fuel. This team was slated to compete in the Overwatch League before the inaugural season. However, his time as Dallas Fuel was marred with controversies and bad performances, marking Felix as a shadow of his former self. Most of the games he played with the Dallas team resulted in losses to their major competitors. Through all of these setbacks, Felix would begin discussing how he had become dissatisfied with life as a professional gamer, voicing his concerns that the career was possibly not for him in the long run.

Regardless of these concerns, however, he decided to continue his professional career by parting ways with Dallas and joining several other teams in relatively quick succession. These teams included GOATS and Gladiators Legion. He would also keep his seat for Team Canada during the Overwatch World Cup in 2018 and 2019.

Back to Streaming

Image by James Gibson

Amid all the controversy and bans from professional play as part of the Dallas Fuel, Felix decided that he had had enough of purely competitive gaming and decided to resume his full-time streaming career. Some would even suggest that this move was a calculated one, with the streamer seeing the writing on the wall in regard to his numerous controversies and possibly fearing for his future career in the pro space. 

However, regardless of his reasoning behind taking up streaming again, Felix would find a great deal of success during the months after his return to Twitch. However, it wasn’t until February of 2019 that he was signed by the E-sports organization, Sentinels as a content creator rather than a pro athlete. During the following months, Felix would become one of the most popular variety streamers on the platform. In fact, by December of this year, he was the most watched Twitch streamer on the platform, logging impressive concurrent views even by today’s standards.


Image by James Gibson

For those of you unfamiliar with Twitch and the terms of the rather niche streaming communities therein, I do not expect you to completely understand what exactly it is so insane that Felix was the founder of PogChamps. 

Simply put, PogChamps was a chess tournament hosted on Twitch that almost every popular streamer on the platform had a go at. If you were lucky enough to be a follower of Twitch content over this period, you would know just how big a deal this became on the platform, with the term itself becoming part of Twitch vernacular. 

This tournament started when Felix decided to give chess a go on some of his weekly streams in March 2020. Eventually, he garnered enough attention from the chess community (which is a lot stronger on Twitch than I ever knew) that grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, commonly known as one of the best chess players in the world, offered to mentor Felix. After this, chess became more and more prevalent during Felix’s live streams, and he became obsessed, eventually leading to him setting up the tournament that will forever go down in Twitch history.


As I have already mentioned, controversies marred Felix’s streaming and pro career continuously marred by controversies. Whether these issues were regarded as serious or easy mistakes by the community at large doesn’t really matter, however, as most of these issues resulted in consequences for the streamer. Whether that be in bans or lost wages, let’s have a quick look at some of these issues that were massive headlines in the E-sports world at the time. 

Stream Sniping

Image by James Gibson

If you are part of the gaming scene, you know that one of the big taboos is the act of stream sniping. For professional streamers who love a competitive game of Fortnite or Overwatch, the worst thing you can do is to stream-snipe them, effectively cheating and ruining the game for their fans. 

Well, you will be surprised to hear that Felix was not only caught for stream sniping in the past but that he found it funny and tried to laugh it off as a mere joke. The community, however, did not see it that way. During a 2020 Fall Guys tournament, Felix was caught trying to stream snipe fellow streamer, DrLupo, at GlitchCon. This took place during the yearly Twitch Rivals tournament and thus resulted in Felix being banned from the event for a six-month period and all GlitchCon activities during this period.

Homophobic Twitch Comments

This would not be the first or last time Felix has been in trouble over comments about someone’s sexual identity or skin tone. However, it was the first time he did so during part of a professional E-sports organization. At the time, Felix was a member and representative of Dallas Fuel. So, when he made homophobic comments regarding an openly gay fellow pro gamer (who I will keep nameless) on his live stream, he was hit with a lengthy league suspension and an even longer team suspension, as well as a $2,000 personal fine. 

Felix did apologize for the comments, stating that what he said was never meant to carry any malicious intent and that he simply spoke too fast to control himself and misspoke. 

Racially Disparaging Emotes

The last major controversy on this list occurred just one month after the previous homophobic incident. In what was beginning to look like a very bad year for Felix, the young streamer used an emote during an Overwatch League stream that viewers and broadcasters alike deemed offensive and racially disparaging. 

Immediately after this story hit the headlines, Felix attained an interview with The Washington Post wherein he defended his actions by arguing that his actions were neither racially disparaging nor offensive in any way. Regardless of his defense, however, he was fined a further $4,000 by the league and suspended for four matches. 

Key Relationships


Image by James Gibson

While Felix is not known to collaborate or work with many individuals during his streams or pro career, despite playing in team games, we do know that he had a long-term relationship with a fellow streamer, Adept. 

Adept, who also goes by Sammy, got to know Felix after the pair moved in together many years ago. At first, their relationship was merely platonic; however, as of March 2021, the pair announced that they had been secretly dating for a long time, letting their fans in on the secret via a series of Tweets. 

Since their relationship went public, the pair have since split up and remained rather distant. Neither has stated any reason for the breakup, instead asking for their fans to not prod or jump to conclusions. 

Hikaru Nakamura

Image by James Gibson

As previously mentioned, Felix became enamored with chess in March 2020, eventually streaming the game continuously for many months. However, it wasn’t until chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura offered to mentor the young streamer that his game leveled up significantly.

Hikaru, known worldwide as one of the best players in the world and as the main competitor of Magnus Carlson, had already garnered a huge following over on his own Twitch channel, wherein he routinely plays games against followers and strangers alike, teaching and entertaining throughout. Hikaru decided to coach Felix after watching him play a couple of rather sad-looking games on Twitch, initially becoming interested after seeing how many views he was generating while playing chess. 

Eventually, Hikaru would coach Felix enough so that he could set up and compete in the PogChamps Twitch chess tournament. His protege would eventually lose with Hikaru watching the events live, but Felix’s progression was clear to see. 

xQc Youtube Videos

Andrew Tate Origin Story

In this video, Felix reacts to a video entitled ‘Gold Digger Dumps Broke Boyfriend.’ This video sees a spoiled girl dumping her boyfriend over his lack of money. Felix then compares the man in this video and the infamous Andrew Tate, suggesting that this is what turned Tate into the hate-filled, woman-hating man that he is today.

While the video is devoid of any gameplay that made Felix famous, his commentary on the video and the relation to Andrew Tate, the internets favorite punching bag at the moment, is rather funny and makes for some easy and enjoyable viewing.

Stream Snipers Are Making Me Go Crazy!

During this video, xQc gets a piece of his own medicine as, during a compilation video of many competitive games, we see Felix begin to lose his mind after being constantly stream sniped and, therefore, killed and removed from the field of play by these cheaters. 

While the video’s bases are rather simple, the compilation of Felix losing his mind amid amazing gameplay sequences, only to be cut down by streamers, is hilarious. Outside of this, we also get to see some highlights from Felix’s Twitch over the last couple of weeks as he reacts to some of the best Twitch and TikTok content out there. 

xQc Gaming Setup

xQc’s Gaming Monitor: ROG Swift PG279QM

This monitor has been specifically designed for high-paced action games such as FPS titles like Overwatch. The display, featuring a fast IPS panel and a 240 Hz refresh rate, ensures that the player is first to the punch every time.

The monitor also ensures next to zero latency as it combines a 1 ms GTG response time and an NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer that integrates latency measurement into one easy tool.

xQc’s Keyboard: SteelSeries Apex Pro

When we are talking about top-of-the-line gaming equipment, the SteelSeries brand always comes up. Their dedication to RnD and pushing gaming tech forward has kept them at the front of the pack for over a decade now, with no sign of slowing down.

This keyboard is billed as the next great leap in mechanical keyboards, featuring the first of its kind, adjustable mechanical switches for customizable key sensitivity. This allows the player to augment the keyboard in any way they see fit. This keyboard also features an OLED smart display that can deliver important information from games and apps to a convenient location.

xQc’s Mouse: Logitech G Pro Series Wireless Mouse

This mouse is fastly becoming a favorite amongst streamers and gamers alike. The ergonomic and simple design ensures that each mouse use is enjoyable and comfortable, with the wireless functionality only adding comfort. 

This, combined with a 1 ms lightspeed connection, ensures that the wireless connection is never delayed. Lastly, this mouse features a 25K HERO sensor that ensures each small movement of the player’s hand is noticed and translated into their game, providing more accurate aim and movement mechanics for serious gamers.

xQc Merchandise

Dallas Fuel T-Shirt

This simply designed t-shirt comes in many colors and in a preshrunk 100% cotton fabric. The Dallas Fuel logo is featured predominately in the center of the piece, displaying one of Felix’s previous affiliations.  

As this team was Felix’s first major entry into the E-sports field, you could say that these t-shirts are a rare opportunity to show that you have been a fan of Felix from day one. This logo can also come on a series of different types of merch, such as hoodies or differently cut shirts.

xQc T-Shirt

This t-shirt features the xQc logo in the center of the chest alongside a shield emblem, symbolizing the player’s penchant for choosing stronger tank-like heroes across games such as League of Legends and Overwatch. 

These t-shirts range in sizes from S to 5XL, ensuring that any fan can find a fit that suits them perfectly. This, combined with the quarter-turned hem, ensures a perfect and natural-looking fit without center creasing.

Troll Love Hoodie

This unique-looking hoodie features a crude Pepe the frog outline drawing grasping a red love heart over the upper left-hand side of the garment and the xQc logo. This hoodie also features air jet yarns for a softer feel and ease of tightening when pulling and adjusting. 

The hoodie features a pouch pocket in the front and comes in a 50/50 cotton polyester blend in a preshrunk fleece knit for added comfort and ease of washing. As with all of Felix’s merch, you can get this hoodie in various sizes and colors. 

xQc Net Worth

As with all professional streamers and E-sports athletes, Felix’s net worth is rather hard to determine due to fluctuating Twitch income levels and Youtube ad revenue. This, combined with past competition winnings and merchandise sales, leaves a lot to be desired, and I am pretty sure Felix isn’t going to come out anytime soon with his bank statements. However, with this in mind, smarter people than I have suggested that his net worth is somewhere in the ballpark of $3-5 million due to high Twitch earnings and his over 2 million subscriber Youtube channel.

Due to his streaming and Youtube numbers, you may have expected his net worth to be much larger; however, due to his reluctance to take on sponsorship deals and other such money-making endeavors, the streamer reduces his potential yearly profit by a large margin.

Frequently Asked Questions – xQc Bio

Question: Are xQc and Adept still together?

Answer: At the time of writing this article, the pair are still separated with no sign of getting back together anytime soon. However, they were dating for a long time without anyone knowing, so who can really say at this point?

Question: Does xQc still play competitive Overwatch?

Answer: As of 2020, Felix has taken a rather large step back from competitive Overwatch, recognizing that it is negative for his health and not as beneficial or enjoyable as streaming.

Question: How much does xQc make a month?

Answer: While we cannot be sure what he makes per month as it will always be changing, as is Twitch’s nature, we can roughly guess that from his average 70,000 views per stream, his average monthly earnings would be somewhere around $300,000.
So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide to one of the biggest streamers on the planet right now and one of the best Overwatch players. From this guide, I hope you can see that Felix is a uniquely talented individual, able to use his drive and dedication to propel himself to the forefront of any career path he chooses. 
While I gained more respect for the streamer throughout writing this guide, I think what stood out the most was the sheer amount of big and small controversies he got himself into over the years. For me, it outlines just how young he was when he rose to fame and how silly he was. Lately, however, it seems that he has been acting with a little more sense, so let’s hope he continues this trend. With all this in mind, I hope you enjoyed this article, and I will see you again soon. Thanks!

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