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Cory Devante Williams, better known by his alias CoryxKenshin, is an American video gamer, YouTuber, and social media sensation.

Most players I’ve followed in the past few months have built lucrative careers on both YouTube and Twitch. CoryxKenshin is the exception since he’s not active on the latter, explaining why his account hasn’t even hit 100K followers yet.

On the other hand, his YouTube career is what I deem every creator’s dream. His channel has 13.8M subs, putting him on the list of the top 100 gaming personalities on this site, alongside other players, such as the legendary MrBeast, PewDiePie, Ninja, TheGrefg, Tfue, and AuronPlay. Usually, he shares content related to horror and action titles such as Elden Ring, Subnautica, Resident Evil, and Halo.

Fascinatingly, CoryxKenshin is among today’s wealthiest YouTubers, despite taking more than ten hiatuses in his slightly over a decade-old career.

Interested to know more about this honorable video gamer? In this CoryxKenshin bio, I’ve provided vital info about his early life, career, and personal endeavors.

CoryxKenshin’s Bio Facts

Real Name Cory Devante Williams
Birthdate November 9, 1992
Birthplace United States
Nickname CoryxKenshin, Ankle Breaker, The Shotgun,
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Siblings CoryxKenshin has a brother named Anthony
Children N/A
Spouse/Partner/Girlfriend N/A
Games Played Elden Ring, Halo, The Matrix Awakens, Subnautica, Resident Evil, Among Us, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Outlast, The Evil Within, Corpse Party, etc
Net Worth $15M-$20M
Social Media Twitch: CoryxKenshin, YouTube: CoryxKenshin, Twitter: @CoryxKenshin, Instagram: CoryxKenshin
Awards N/A
Last Updated August 2022

CoryxKenshin’s Birthplace and Early Life

CoryxKenshin’s home city is Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he was born on November 9, 1992. His parents, Anthony K. Williams Jr, and his wife Stephanie decided that a change of scenery fit their family, so they moved to Detroit. He, his brother Anthony and sister Aleya grew up here.

I can’t say that I was shocked to learn that CoryxKenshin’s brother is also a YouTuber and gamer. As I understand, siblings tend to influence each other, and sometimes, they might even pursue the same professions. Adin Ross and his sister Naomi are another great example of such a situation since they’re both content creators.

Is CoryxKenshin Close with His Folks?

CoryxKenshin hasn’t talked much about his relationship with his siblings or parents. Even so, I believe they’re a tight-knit family because the latter takes care of his dog, Sam, also known as Samson the Savage. Besides, he has collaborated with his brother to create content and judging from some of their videos, they seem to be having fun.

Notably, CoryxKenshin inherited a rare genetic disorder, Ectodermal Dysplasia, from his dad, meaning his body doesn’t have a lot of hair and he only has 24 teeth.

Educational Background

The elementary and high schools CoryxKenshin attended are unknown to the public as of this writing. He’s mentioned enrolling in the University of Michigan to study computer science. However, he later quit his studies to work on his YouTube career.

I bet he wasn’t really content with dropping out of school because, in 2021, he said he would finish his education. He hasn’t mentioned if he’s studying the same course. But I believe he’s extremely passionate about his degree; otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth pursuing after so many years.

How Did CoryxKenshin Get Started Gaming?

I’m among those who believe that the world’s best gamers boast an in-born talent for playing different titles. And in my opinion, CoryxKenshin is one of them. Embarking on his professional gaming journey at 16 gave him a head start, enabling him to get the hang of the gaming scene and what it takes to impress the masses.

White Finger was the first horror game CoryxKenshin played. After discovering his tremendous passion for this genre, he explored other options, such as The Evil Within, and Corpse Party, throwing in some action games to quench his fans’ thirst for these options as well.

Soon enough, CoryxKenshin’s popularity began to surge, with his YouTube channel getting more hits as days went by. He achieved his 1M subscriber milestone in November 2016. Five years later, he garnered 10M subs, attaining one of his main objectives on the platform and inspiring a vast majority of his countless endorsers.

CoryxKenshin’s Success

Some might say CoryxKenshin’s tremendous fame results from mere luck, but I don’t think so. If you ask me, he’s the complete package – he boasts fantastic gaming skills, is everyone’s definition of ‘cool’, and he’s hard-working, not to mention funny!

His awesome personality could also explain why forging close relationships with other equally successful YouTubers has been a snap. These include Jacksepticeye, LordMinion777, Muyskerm, and Yamimash. He’s also gained a reputation for attending gaming festivals to showcase his outstanding playing skills and network with other gamers.

Mental Health Issues

More often than not, online success is not always synonymous with having a perfect life. Like thousands of prosperous content creators worldwide, CoryxKenshin has fought various mental health issues impacting his career.

For instance, in 2018, he was offline for months because he didn’t feel ready or good enough and just wanted to let go of his career.

Then, he went for a 2-week hiatus in May 2020, citing that YouTube had made him anxious and depressed, and he needed some time away from the platform. Several months later, he couldn’t upload content consistently because he was dealing with some personal issues that made it challenging to focus all his energies on social media.

It’s worth mentioning that all of CoryxKenshin’s 13 breaks since he joined the content creation scene have not been due to his mental health. Some were caused by unavoidable circumstances, such as his aunt’s death from cancer in 2018.

Nevertheless, I feel the need to state that I admire CoryxKenshin for sharing his mental health struggles with the world and always maintaining a positive mindset. As someone who, at some point, battled overwhelming feelings of inadequacy and anxiety, I find it incredibly encouraging.

CoryxKenshin’s Videos

The CoryxKenshin Allegations… 

Are you curious to learn why the internet community has recently tried to cancel CoryxKenshin? Watch this video to the end. Apparently, he made a clip with a transphobic slur many years ago, and somehow, it’s making rounds online. Nevertheless, it beats me why someone would dig up his past and judge him based on it, yet we all make mistakes and transform.

CoryxKenshin has apologized for his blunder, but some people do not want to hear of it, so they insist he deserves to be pay for his sins.

The problem with cancel culture is it comes after anyone, regardless of how famous they are or if they have changed for the better. Even worse, it works and can bring down the most successful individuals within a short duration. I hope CoryxKenshin pulls through, especially because I believe he’s among the least controversial YouTubers around.

 the clock is ticking

I recommend this video to anyone looking for motivation to chase after their dreams. As you might already know, CoryxKenshin walks off with the prize for the most awe-inspiring creators today. Despite starting small, he’s morphed into one of YouTube’s biggest names. But as he admits in this short clip, it took him years of endless persistence to build his career, and he still feels he has a lot to do.

CoryxKenshin stipulates some of the issues that hinder people from attaining their goals, including lack of self-confidence, knowledge, and the drive to push harder. He proceeds to say that his journey proves that nothing is beyond reach. And for him, it has been “by the grace of God,” affirming his devotion to Christianity.

CoryxKenshin’s Gaming Setup

CoryxKenshin has let us in on almost everything about his professional YouTube career, save for the gear he leverages to create his content or play his video games. Nevertheless, while watching one of his YouTube uploads, I noticed he owns a DXRacer gaming chair, which I trust delivers the comfort, support, and durability he yearns for.

CoryxKenshin Family

Like his large pool of fans, I have been dying to know who CoryxKenshin is dating. My curiosity prompted me to dig into his love life, but I didn’t find any details about his romantic partners. In fact, most of my sources claim he’s single, which I think is true because if he were dating someone, his celebrity status would make it almost impossible to hide.

Nevertheless, CoryxKenshin has revealed that he wants to start a family in the future. Hopefully, he finds the true love and companionship he hankers after.

CoryxKenshin’s Net Worth and Career Earnings

I’ve heard CoryxKenshin say a couple of times that money is not his primary motivation. Instead, he creates content because it is where his passion lies. Perhaps having a great love for one’s career is the recipe for wealth, as his current net worth is $15-$20 million, making him one of the most opulent internet celebrities.

How exactly does CoryxKenshin make his money? Let me enlighten you.


This platform is CoryxKenshin’s primary source of revenue. His 13.8M YouTube channel boasts 1,627 videos and an impressive 5,791,196,462 views, and I’m confident it has earned him millions.

Factually, multiple sources on the internet state he makes up $167,000 – $2.7M annually.

Brand Endorsements

So far, CoryxKenshin has created sponsored content for some creditable brands, including 7 Eleven, Warner Bros., The Division 2, Astro Gaming, and Microsoft Store.

If you ask me, these sponsorship deals could have brought in a lot of cash, thanks to his massive influence on the internet community.

Merch Store Proceeds

CoryxKenshin has followed the example of many web stars by capitalizing on his fame to boost his income. Presently, he owns an online merchandise shop in collaboration with Represent, availing desired items such as hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees.

I can specify the amount CoryxKenshin has made from this business endeavor. But I assume it’s large, given that he has millions of supporters worldwide.


CoryxKenshin might have made some cash off Twitch in the past. But I highly doubt he’s earning from this platform as of this writing. He hasn’t been online for the past seven years, so his Twitch career isn’t that lucrative.

CoryxKenshin’s Retirement and Post Professional

On August 22, 2020, I woke up to the sad news of CoryxKenshin’s retirement. He had just announced that he’d quit content creation as soon as his YouTube channel attained 10M subs. A few months later, he hit 9M subs and didn’t upload any videos for a while. I couldn’t believe it – one of YouTube’s most favored and talented creators was leaving the scene at the peak of his career!

But fortunately, in 2021, CoryxKenshin changed his tune. He shared a 21-minute video titled “Regarding My Retirement” declaring that he wasn’t retiring because though he’d achieved his 10M-subscriber milestone, giving up his career would be like walking away from a “blessing.”

He’s shared several clips in the last few months but is not as active as I expected. All the same, it’s totally understandable since he announced that he was going back to school, so he could be focusing on his studies.

CoryxKenshin’s Merch

Samurai Shotgun Hoodie 

Here’s a seemingly warm hoodie I recommended for some of my friends looking for warm pieces of garments to wear at night or during winter. It comes in a classy black color, and its hood features a drawcord to tighten or loosen it up whenever you see fit.

If you’d like an option, I suggest you look at the Spooky Scary Sunday Hoodie, available in black and carbon grey.

Samurai Shotgun T-shirt

Coming in black and white, the Samurai Shotgun T-shirt is worth every dime. It’s stylish and manufactured with quality fabric to ensure you get at least a few years out of it. I believe the graphic print on its front makes it ideal for you if you don’t fancy plain crewneck tees. The only drawback I found is that it’s only available in medium and large sizes as of this writing.

Ready to explore more short-sleeved tees? Check out the Text Blammer T-shirt, Momo T-shirt, and Rurouni Cory Shiboni Dye T-shirt.

Text Blammer Long-Sleeve Tee

This black long-sleeve t-shirt merits your attention. In my opinion, it could be all you need to keep you comfy all day while protecting your arms from the hot sun’s UV radiation. Fortunately, it comes in sizes small – 2XL, so you might be lucky to land your fit.

Momo Crewneck Sweatshirt 

The first thing I observed when I glanced at this sweatshirt was its style – it’s undoubtedly built to help you stand out. It’s available in a gorgeous white shade that enables it to match tons of pieces in your closet. Also, it’s unbelievably versatile!

Frequently Asked Questions about CoryxKenshin Bio

Question: Why does CoryxKenshin call himself the “The Ankle Breaker”?

Answer: CoryxKenshin gave himself the moniker “The Ankle Breaker” because he tactfully avoids his enemies when video gaming, hence “breaking their ankles.”

Question: Which is CoryxKenshin’s favorite Halo game?

Answer: CoryxKenshin has mentioned that he prefers Halo 3 to other titles in the game series because to him, it was perfect. I spent a lot of time as a teen playing this game, and I agree with him; it is flawless!

Question: When did CoryxKenshin join YouTube?

Answer: CoryxKenshin created his YouTube in 2009.

Question: Does CoryxKenshin have any phobias?

Answer: Yes, CoryxKenshin has talked about being afraid of the ocean, a phobia he developed while working on his Subnautica series. He’s even ranked the game as the scariest option he explored in 2019.

Question: Why is CoryxKenshin so famous?

Answer: I attribute CoryxKenshin’s popularity to his relentless devotion to content creation. His persistence has earned over 10M subs on YouTube, which many still hope to attain.

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