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Kaitlyn, popularly known as KatieRouu or Katie, is a famous American Twitch streamer, video game player, and internet personality.

She boasts an incredibly high level of professionalism and has always been dead set on building her gaming career through delivering top-tier gaming content daily.

For a more up-close look at this sensational Twitch streamer and internet personality, we have delved deep and wide to give you a front seat of who she is both when the cameras roll and shut. To start us off is her biofacts;

KatieRouu’s Bio Facts

Real Name Kaitlyn
Birthdate N/A
Birthplace N/A
Nicknames Katie, KatieRouu
Height N/A
Nationality American
Zodiac Signs N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Spouse N/A
Games Played Role-playing games
Net Worth N/A
Social Media Twitch: Katie, Twitter: @KatieRouu
Awards KatieRouu hasn’t won any awards yet
Last Updated March 2022

KatieRouu’s Birthplace and Early Life

Details about KatieRouu’s birthplace are still in the dark.

This Twitch streamer has also not disclosed anything about her parents, siblings, and early life.

In addition, we couldn’t find out the schools she attended or what she did before she decided to pursue streaming professionally.

How Did KatieRouu Get Started Gaming?

KatieRouu has always had a penchant for playing video games.

But she only started her gaming career a few years ago when she began streaming on Twitch.

Her channel boasts over 130K followers who relish watching her streams and interacting with her regularly.

KatieRouu’s Family

Like Lvndmark (see Lvndmark’s bio), KatieRouu loves to keep her personal life private, explaining why her dating history is still a mystery.

KatieRouu’s Net Worth and Post Professional

As of this writing, information regarding KatieRouu’s net worth and career earnings is unavailable. Even so, we believe she could be receiving a decent amount from Twitch as she’s now this platform’s partner and full-time streamer.

KatieRouu’s Merch

Getting KatieRouu’s merchandise could be the perfect way to declare your support for her. Below, find some of Katie-inspired products on the market today.

katieLurk Mug

Check out this beautiful microwave-safe mug brought to you by KatieRouu. It’s convenient for both cold and hot beverages.

Taking care of it is a breeze, thanks to the fact that it’s dishwasher-safe.

Katie Logo Mug

If you’re still scouring the market for more mugs, here’s another white option you could consider. Like the katieLurk mug, it’s dishwasher and microwave-safe for easy maintenance.

Katie Logo

Take a look at this Katie-inspired t-shirt designed for both genders.

KatieRouu provides it in many colors, including black, charcoal, white, banana cream, Kelly green, light blue, silver, turquoise, ocean blue, and cardinal.

These t-shirts are available in different sizes, ranging between small and 5XL.

You’ll be pleased to know this piece of clothing is designed for minimum shrinkage. Plus, it’s super soft to enhance your comfort.

KatieCat Sticker

If you’re a die-hard Katie fan, you might like this sticker that you could use to personalize your phone, water bottle, mug, locker, or lunch box. It’s removable for convenience.

Katie Logo Phone Case

Your smartphone deserves a quality case to protect it and make it look unique. This quality option with a KatieRouu logo could be all you need to achieve that, especially if you’re this gamer’s enthusiast.

KatieRouu avails this phone case for various devices, including iPhone 11, iPhone 7/8 Plus, iPhone 5c, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S4.

Unfortunately, the available option is in black, but other colors may be available in the future.

Katie Logo Sweatshirts

KatieRouu also offers these classic pullover sweatshirts in five sizes – S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.

She may avail more sizes in the future to cater to her diverse pool of customers.

These fashionable sweatshirts bear a Katie logo print on their fronts and backs. They’re available in four colors – navy, charcoal, black, and white.

In addition, they’re made from premium lightweight fleece that maximizes their durability and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about KatieRouu

Question: Is KatieRouu active on social media?

Answer: KatieRouu is selectively active on social media as she’s only on Twitch and Twitter. She may join platforms such as YouTube and Twitter in the future.

Question: How long has KatieRouu been gaming?

 Answer: KatieRouu has been playing video games professionally for approximately five years now.

Question: Does KatieRouu accept tips?

Answer: Yes. Katie doesn’t mind if her fans send her tips. Even so, her PayPal is currently disabled, making it tricky for her to accept them, but this might change in time to come.

Question: Where does KatieRouu live?

Answer: KateiRouu is currently based in Washington, USA.

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