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Dennis “PaymoneyWubby” Richardson is an American Twitch streamer, YouTube star, and web culture commentator.

Versatility is one of PaymoneyWubby’s distinguishing aspects. On some days, he streams Battle Royale titles such as Fortnite. Sometimes, he explores simple 2D adult platformers like JustChatting.

In addition, he enjoys other widely favored games, including, Cyberpunk 2077, Pokémon, Elden Ring, Magic: The Gathering Arena, and Super Mario Sunshine.

PaymoneyWubby is definitely one of the most intriguing figures in the online content creation world. That’s why we looked into him to write this enlightening bio. So if you’re curious about him, let’s answer all those mind-boggling questions you might have.

But, first, read through his biofacts!

PaymoneyWubby’s Bio Facts



Real Name Dennis Richardson
Birthdate July 8, 1995
Birthplace California, US
Nicknames PaymoneyWubby, Wubby
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Siblings PaymoneyWubby has a brother
Children None
Partner PaymoneyWubby’s partner is Alluux
Games Played Fortnite, Call of Duty, Elden Ring, Just Chatting, etc.
Net Worth More than $2M
Social Media Twitch: PaymoneyWubby, YouTube: PaymoneyWubby, PaymoneyWubby Highlights Twitter: @PaymoneyWubby
Awards None
Last Updated April 2022

PaymoneyWubby’s Birthplace and Early Life


PaymoneyWubby was born in San Diego, California, on July 8, 1995.

His parents are divorced, and word has it his dad left home to evade the war.

In addition, PaymoneyWubby’s grandfather once lived in Israel, though he hasn’t disclosed if he still lives there.

PaymoneyWubby has an elder brother who went to college when he was only 14. He’s also mentioned that he has an adorable niece.

Little details are available regarding this streamer’s school life. But he attended college, a period that saw him interact with tons of people from all walks of life. One of them was an Australian professor who convinced him to be an atheist.

PaymoneyWubby worked before he started streaming and creating content full-time. Still, what he did to earn a living then is not public knowledge.

How Did PaymoneyWubby Get Started Gaming?

PaymoneyWubby enjoyed video games as a teen, but he’s never disclosed the game genre that resonated with him back then. He also delighted in creating video content. Still, he only began sharing it on YouTube in 2016.

Wubby Experiences is one of PaymoneyWubby’s most popular YouTube series. It came with three interesting segments – “Sound Healing Yoga,” featuring yoga expert Fernanda Czarniak, “Cooking with a Master Chef” with Benjamin Kalasho, and “Beekeeping,” featuring Hilary Kearney.

PaymoneyWubby debuted his lucrative Twitch channel only a few years back.

Was PaymoneyWubby Banned from Twitch?

Presently, PaymoneyWubby is still active on Twitch. And his compelling streams continue to lure in countless gaming enthusiasts.

But he’s been banned from this platform several times, mainly for failing to adhere to its terms of use.

One of PaymoneyWubby’s Twitch suspensions knocked on his door in late 2020 after he live-streamed in an eatery, violating this website’s privacy rules. He was banned again shortly after due to showing his bum mid-stream.

PaymoneyWubby’s Videos

Everytime I Laugh I Lose Money

Here’s the first video of PaymoneyWubby’s “Everytime I laugh I lose money” series. This one features his partner, Alluux. So what happens? They put up some hilarious videos, and each laugh costs them 20 subs.

These two streamers dig through their pile of videos to pick out the funny ones to share. And sometimes, they find themselves laughing their hearts out, no matter how hard they try not to. So you may find yourself laughing with them as you watch this video, and you can’t miss their fantastic on-screen chemistry.

This Woman is OBSESSED with Body Modifications

We bet you’re eager to learn more about PaymoneyWubby’s career as a web culture commentator. So let’s give you a taste of it in this 8.5-minute video where he comments on women enthusiastic about body modifications.

He features “Mary Magdalene,” a Canadian who’s had countless plastic surgeries to alter various parts of her body, including her butt and lips. PaymoneyWubby shows us the before and after pics, and it’s remarkable what modern-day plastic surgeons can do!

PaymoneyWubby’s Gaming Setup

We scoured the internet for PaymoneyWubby’s gaming equipment, but unfortunately, it’s unpublished. However, judging from his excellent performance in the gaming/streaming universe, we trust he leverages world-class gear made by the most reputable brands.

PaymoneyWubby’s Family

PaymoneyWubby’s partner is Alex/Alexandria, better known as Alluux. She’s also his manager and a well-known Twitch streamer, YouTube creator, and internet personality.

PaymoneyWubby and Alluux live together in California. Some people allege theirs is a domestic partnership. Tons of others claim they are in a romantic relationship.

The nature of their involvement is a bit hard to discern since they’ve never provided any clarification or even tried to address the rumors.

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PaymoneyWubby’s Net Worth and Career Earnings


As of writing, PaymoneyWubby’s net worth is estimated to be over $2M. Check out his three primary sources of income.


PaymoneyWubby makes a decent sum streaming on Twitch. Stats from Twitch Tracker indicate that his channel has over 16,000 subscribers, with each of them helping him earn at least $2.50 monthly. Still, he rakes in more dollars from his ads and donations.

According to the 2021 Twitch data breach, PaymoneyWubby pocketed $1,756,486. 29 in payouts within 26 months, from August 2019 to October 2021.

On that list of the best-paid Twitch streamers, PaymoneyWubby took the 36th spot, just below El Rubius (check El Rubius’ bio). Other usual suspects in this pool were Gronkh, Pestily, MOONMOON, and xQcOW.

It’s impressive that PaymoneyWubby earns this much despite having less than a million followers on Twitch. Furthermore, as per that leak, his earnings within that duration even surpass Ninja’s despite the latter’s followers being over ten times his.


PaymoneyWubby’s almost a decade-old YouTube channel with 1.09M followers has accumulated 75,313,082 views. We strongly believe it has been instrumental in building up his net worth.

Note that he also manages another 377K-subscriber YouTube channel where he uploads his stream highlights. So far, it has amassed 52,980,051 views, which is pretty inspiring since he only opened it in 2020.

Undoubtedly, PaymoneyWubby’s YouTube channels bring in thousands of dollars every month.

But remember that this video-sharing social media outlet doesn’t compensate this creator for each view his channels garner due to software such as ad blockers.


PaymoneyWubby presently has a partnership with various brands, including Adam & Eve, and GFUEL. As a result, he receives some dollars every time someone buys these companies’ products via his affiliate codes.

We don’t know his exact income from these deals, but we know it has added to his current net worth.

PaymoneyWubby’s Retirement and Post Professional

In January 2019, PaymoneyWubby let the world in on his future career plans, stating that he intends to be in the gaming/streaming scene for at most eight years. Therefore, he still has more time to entertain his ever-growing fans list. However, he’s yet to tell us the direction he’ll take after he makes his exit.

PaymoneyWubby’s Merch

There are various independent designers selling PaymoneyWubby-inspired merch right now. Let’s discuss some of the available offerings to help you make the best purchase decision.

Paymoneywubby Essential T-Shirt

Paymoneywubby Essential T-Shirt

The paymoneywubby Essential tee is a durable piece of cloth designed by cucai721 for both genders. It’s a wardrobe essential for anyone with great fashion taste and is a loyal fan of PaymoneyWubby.

This fancy tee is available in many colors, including black, white, dark red, green, crème, gold, and heather grey. Of course, the ideal option for you depends on what you have on your list of favorites. But you also have to consider the material you want.

For instance, all solid colors boast 100% cotton, while charcoal heather t-shirts come in 48% polyester and 52% cotton.

In addition, you have multiple sizes to pick from, ranging from small and 3XL.

Luckily, cucai721 doesn’t limit you to this design as they avail more with the same high quality.

One of them is the paymoneywubby Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt, which suits you if you prefer V-necks to crew necks. Unfortunately, this style is available in fewer colors as they’re only seven – black, white, red, blue, heather grey, dark grey, and navy.

Also, V-neck t-shirts made from 100% cotton boast solid colors, but those with 10% polyester/90% cotton are in heather colors.

More fashionable t-shirts to discover are the paymoneywubby Chiffon top, available in only black and white, the paymoneywubby active t-shirt, and the paymoneywubby Long Sleeve T-shirt.

Design Lightweight Hoodie

Design Lightweight Hoodie

It’s always advisable to have a fashionable lightweight hoodie in your closet. One with the right fit is suitable for everyday wear, no matter what you’re up to.

Supposing you’re exploring the options on the market to find the perfect hoodie for you, consider the Design Lightweight Hoodie offered by the PurpelDream001 designs.

It comes in several colors: heather grey, charcoal heather, black, navy, royal heather, and denim heather. In addition, the pool of available sizes is also extensive, and it includes extra small, small, large, and 3XL.

Moreover, this lightweight hoodie has a spacious kangaroo pocket that provides you with storage space and also ehances its style. Notably, this pouch has the same color as the drawcord, which is handy when tightening the hoodie around your head on chilly or windy days.

Another aspect you may like about this fashion wonder is its durability. Proper maintenance is essential if you want it to last long and still provide maximum comfort and warmth. But how can you take the best care of it? It’s simple – wash it with cold water and hang it to dry to maintain its shape and artwork.

If you’re interested in a heavier option, the Design Pullover Hoodie is also within reach. PurpleDream001 provides it in more color options, including oatmeal heather, white, and pale pink.

Paymoneywubby Sticker

Paymoneywubby Sticker

Getting a PaymoneyWubby-inspired sticker should be on your to-do list if you are his enthusiast. There’s nothing better to communicate your admiration for him and customize your belongings.

KazeloKeno sells this PaymoneyWubby sticker. Its water resistance enhances its durability, enabling you to use it for months. Since it’s also removable, you’re free to move it from one item to another at your convenience.

Even better, KazeloKeno avails it in many sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. In addition, you have three quality finishes to choose from – matte, transparent, and glossy. Remember that all these are different, so consider their distinctive aspects before placing your order.

For instance, glossy stickers are super smooth and vibrant, while matte options are duller but still have a nice texture.

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Paymoneywubby iPhone Case

Paymoneywubby iPhone Case

Looking for a quality iPhone case to protect your device from physical damage? Consider this PaymoneyWubby-inspired option available for various iPhone models. These include iPhone 6, 7, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13.

The paymoneywubby soft iPhone case boasts impressive flexibility. It perfectly grips your smartphone while still giving you full access to all its ports for convenience. You might also like its compatibility with Qi-standard wireless charging; iPhone 12 and 13 cases are MagSafe charging-compatible.

In addition, you have two more phone case styles to choose from – snap and tough. Both offer much-needed durability and protect the most fragile parts of your iPhone.

Paymoneywubby Laptop Sleeve

Paymoneywubby Laptop Sleeve

Your laptop is just as valuable as your smartphone. So as you contemplate purchasing the long-lasting case above, consider this laptop sleeve. It’s designed for a MacBook/Pro/Retina 13″, MacBook 12″ or MacBook/Pro/ Retina 15″.

This sleeve is zipped, so you don’t have to worry about your portable computer slipping out of it as you rush to get to work or class on time.

While its back is black, its front features a quality white “PMW” print that transforms its overall appearance. Inside, you’ll find black deluxe padding to protect your laptop from damage through bumps or falls.

Paymoneywubby Mouse Pad

Paymoneywubby Mouse Pad

Check out this beautiful mouse pad brought to you by KazeloKeno. It has everything you could need to make the most out of your mouse.

For starters, this PaymoneyWubby-inspired mouse pad comes with a pill-resistant, microwave polyester surface to give you maximum mouse control and durability. Its anti-fray edges enhance the latter so that you don’t have to go back to the market sooner than planned.

This mouse pad supports laser and optical mice for convenience. In addition, its anti-slip rubber base increases its usability and, consequently, your productivity while you game, edit YouTube content, or stream.

Based on your unique needs, you can order yours in a small (9.5 x 8 in) or medium (14.5 x 12.12 in) size.

If you’d also like to protect your gaming desk, consider the PaymoneyWubby-inspired desk mat. It’s built to last and comes in an extended size (31.5 x 15.5 in) to cover a large part of your piece of furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions about PaymoneyWubby

Question: Does PaymoneyWubby Have Any Pets?

Answer: Yes. PaymoneyWubby and Alluux keep two cats.

Question: When Did PaymoneyWubby Create His Twitch Channel?

Answer: PaymoneyWubby joined Twitch in January 2018.

Question: Where Does PaymoneyWubby Go During Holidays?

Answer: PaymoneyWubby hasn’t specified the locations he visits during holidays. But he has confessed to liking Christmas because people are kinder and disliking Halloween because it triggers his anxiety.

Question: What’s PaymoneyWubby’s Foot Size?

Answer: People allege that PaymoneyWubby’s foot size is 12.5; he hasn’t confirmed or denied this.

Question: Can Fans Tip PaymoneyWubby?

Answer: Yes. PaymoneyWubby gladly accepts tips and donations from his devotees.

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